“Courses licensed by Holly Stiel (Stiel Media LLC) ”

Concierge Polska is proudly announcing, that it has received a licence from Stiel Media LLC to conduct Holly Stiel Training Courses in Poland. "Concierge Express * Neon Signes of Service * High Road of Service" These are the titles of training courses available now in Polish and English

“First International Conference - Hospitality in XXI Century ”

Motto of the Conference is "Guest Service Quality a Key to Succes of Hospitality Industry" This is a Conference of Concierge Polska and HOTELARZ Magazine with international Guest representing best contemporary achievements of hospitality industry.

“Trainings Supported by European Union ”

Concierge Polska is now conducting first ten training courses in a project  named "Human Resources of Pomeranian Hospitality". These courses are  co-financed by European Social Fund.